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Classic Car Born In Farm Machine Shed
A little known enterprise in southern Minnesota has produced some of the most unique automobiles in the world over the last 30 years.
  Although they're often used as hearses and limousines, the exotic cars from Prinzing Motorcoaches have also been sold to wealthy individuals all over the world.
  Owner/designer Max Prinzing's cars run on either gas or ethanol. In 1979, he invented and patented the first engine in America to run on 100 percent ethanol. His design preheats the ethanol through an upper radiator hose.
  Built with Kevlar and surgical stainless steel, Prinzing bodies have a lifetime corrosion-free warranty.
  "These cars don't go out of style, and they never rust," says Prinzing, who also built his first classic luxury car in a machine shed on his 70-acre farm in 1975. He wanted a Duesenberg but couldn't afford one. The Duesenberg brothers grew up on an Iowa farm and built their classic cars without any formal education past the eighth grade. They now sell for $1 million.
  Prinzing, with help from his wife, Mavis, built his first car - a convertible with a rumble seat - in the farm machine shop, combining Duesenberg, Rolls Royce and Packard styles. He still uses the same technique today - build a model out of plaster of Paris and then make the tool-and-die molds. Each of his nine models took about six months to mold. The latest, a six-door limousine, hits the market this fall.
  Prinzing cars are all about quality: sturdy chassis frames with four cross beams, modern automatic engines, wooden steering wheels with hand-carved panels, and options such as mink floor mats, wet bars and other amenities. Prinzing says his favorite car is The Madam X, the only 4-door convertible on the market. Other models are: The Baron, Princess Wedding Car, The Countess, Dakotah Eagle, Classic Hearse and 5-Window Sport Coupe. Two more models are in production.
  The $100,000 to $150,000 vehicles serve well as limousines and hearses. He only allows 1,000 cars to be made of each model.
  His vehicles appeal to all types of people. In 1977, on a visit to his Minnesota in-laws, the late singer John Denver tracked down Prinzing. Denver purchased a Baron roadster with a rumble seat. Jay Leno and Neil Diamond also own Prinzings.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Prinzing Motor Coach, LLC, 155 E. Bridge Street, Redwood Falls, Minn. 56283-1621 (ph 888 800-0092; info@prinzingmc.com; www.prinzingmc.com).

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