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Iron Horse Made From Chain Links
Montana professional artist Jim Dolan, Belgrade, created this life-sized iron horse out of discarded chain links that he traded another piece of his artwork for.
Located outdoors in front of the well-known Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont., the Belgian horse stands 19 hands high and measure 8 ft. tall from ground to ear tips. And he's for sale for $27,000!
Made by welding the chain links together, the gelding weighs 6,000 lbs. and contains over 3,000 3-in. links salvaged from a cement plant kiln. It has a minimal inner framework of steel rod, but is basically hollow.
"Standing up close, you can see a little daylight through it," explained Dolan. "Since completion, the steel links have rusted to add a pleasing color."
The artist spent five months part-time building the sculpture, working indoors except for the final high part of the neck and head which had to be done after moving out of his basement.
Dolan, 34, is a full-time artist. The iron horse is the largest thing he's created, and the first from chain links. Sculptures of his favorite art medium welded sheet metal are on display in airport terminals, banks and elsewhere. He's done elk, deer and large birds.
Dolan, who learned to weld as a youngster while growing up on a Montana ranch, uses a Miller Migtype wire-feed arc welder. He attended Montana State University, earning a degree in agriculture, and has been a full-time artist for 12 years.
To determine and hold to a true horse shape, the artist's model was a real-life gelding on a neighbor's ranch.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW followup, Jim Dolan, 3501 Airport Rd., Belgrade, Mont. 59714 (ph 406 388-1720).

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