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No Tractor Needed With Self-Powered Bale Flipper
Hauling bales from distant fields just got a lot easier with the Bale Flipper from Hawkins Mfg. that can be used behind a pickup.
"Joe Ellis of Cedar Creek, Texas holds the patent," says Wayne Karschner, Hawkins Mfg. "He raises cattle and hay and has spent the past 20 years developing this product. When he came to us, we knew this was something we could help find its market."
What Ellis developed is a self contained, big round bale loader powered by an on-board motor and hydraulic pump. It tows to and from the field behind a Hawkins bale trailer. Once in the field it attaches to the side of the trailer to load bales.
Changing from transit to bale picking requires about 15 minutes, which consists largely of unlocking moving parts. The motor can be started manually or with the optional remote control. To start picking up bales, the operator simply drives alongside the Bale Flipper, engaging the "drive-by" mechanism. The guide rail and alignment ramp connect the two units and position them for the first bale to be loaded.
No turning of bales is necessary. As the bale enters the loading zone, hydraulic arms automatically grab the bale and lift it up, over and down on a bale cradle. The arms quickly return to the open position.
As each bale is loaded from front to back, the Bale Flipper slides back to the next open position. When the last bale has been loaded, the unit slides off the end of the trailer and the operator can haul bales to storage at transit speed. Once the bales reach the drop area for storage, the operator flips latches on each cradle, and the bales tip to the ground. An optional remote latch is also available. Upon return to the field, the operator again "drives by" the unit, engaging it and repositioning it for bale pickup.
When the last bale has been collected, the operator reverses the setup procedure, hooks the Bale Flipper in tow position and leaves the field.
"The Bale Flipper eliminates the need for a separate tractor and operator to load bales or for two trips to the field with equipment," says Karschner. "It also ensures that the bale surface with or without wrap is not disturbed."
Prices for the Bale Flipper and a trailer range from $21,795 for a four-bale bumper pole trailer with manual start and manual latch to $25,500 for a five-bale gooseneck with remote latch and electric start with remote control. Trailers and Bale Flipper are also available separately.
"Larger operators are asking for a 10-bale, in-line double wide trailer," says Karschner. "We're working on a design for that now."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hawkins Manufacturing, Inc., 2120 East 4th Ave., Holdrege, Neb. 68949 (ph 308 995-4446; toll free 800 382-6178; fax 308 995-4315; hawkins@hawkinsmfg.com; www. hawkinsmfg.com).

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