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They Specialize In Pest Animal Control
As a trapper and a certified wildlife control professional, Alan Huot knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to capturing and controlling wildlife. His East Granby, Conn., business, Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC (WCS), offers a wide variety of traps, nets, snares, cages and other devices to control everything from mice to mountain lions.
  The company works with many professional trappers but Huot notes that farmers and ranchers are also big customers. Many want to capture coyotes to protect sheep or calves.
  "The CollarumÍ is a species-specific, live capture device for canines," Huot says. "It's very safe and humane. The animal bites on a baited bite piece, and a cable loop is thrown over their head and around their neck, which is anchored to the ground. It's like placing a collar on a dog, hence the name, Collarum." An animal, such as a dog, can be easily released, unharmed.
  Another useful product for customers who need to round up everything from pigeons and geese to deer and turkeys is the Martin Net BlasterÍ distributed exclusively in the U.S. through Huot's business.
  "This net blaster is an air-powered unit that fires four 4 1/2-lb. weights attached to a net," Huot says, noting that other "net cannons" use explosives. "Our net blaster can shoot a 40 by 60-ft. net at speeds up to 100 mph and has a 90 percent capture rate for birds within 12 to 18 ft. of the launcher." (Retails for $4,995, not including net. Hand-tossed nets also available.)
  WCS carries an assortment of other items, including multiple catch traps for mice, glue traps for snakes, and repellents for deer, groundhogs and rabbits. They also make odor control products, long-handled snake tongs, and live trap cages with extra features only found in the professional market.
  Employees who answer the phone listen to customers' needs and help select the best product for every job and provide information on how to use it. WCS also sells bait which is targeted specifically to the species you want to capture.
  "We would not want to sell something you're not going to be successful with or is dangerous for you," Huot says. "One of the services we provide is a referral service for our professional customers. We can direct customers to wildlife control professionals in their area via www.animalremovalpro.com if a customer feels their problem is more than they can handle themselves."
  Hiring a pro may be the best approach for problems such as eliminating bats in an attic, for example.
  "We've been in business for over 10 years," Huot says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alan Huot, Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC, P.O. Box 538, East Granby, Conn. 06026 (ph 860 844-0101; www.shopwcs.com).

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