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Owatonna Unveils Big Round Baler
Latest new big round baler on the market is a "beltless" model designed and manufactured by Owatonna Mfg. Co., headquartered at Owatonna, Mn.
"Unlike other balers on the market, our new model 595 uses 21 rollers instead of chains or belts to make a tigher, smoother and better formed bale, yet is designed so each bale has a soft center," a spokesman told FARM SHOW. "As hay enters the bale chamber, it sets up a tumbling action until the bale is up to about 600-700 lbs. At that point, compression is applied to produce a tight, well formed bale. Its roller design allows it to handle high moisture hay that's too wet for belt-type big round balers to handle. It'll also handle straw, and virtually all kinds of hay."
Each of the 21 rollers is 12 in. in dia. and operates at 140 rpm. The pto-driven machine, designed for use with tractors in the 70 hp. range, makes bales 5 ft. wide, 6 ft. in dia. and weighing approximately 1,500 lbs. The machine itself is 9 ft. wide, 8 ft. long and weighs 4,178 lbs.
Estimated list price on production models slated for introduction early next spring is "approximately $7,400". The machine stores 4 bales of twine and is available with manual (standard) or electric tying.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Owatonna Mfg.
Co., Box 547, Highway 45 N., Owatonna, Mn. 5060 (ph 507-451-2860).

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