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Robot Baler Weaves To Form Even Bales
What may be the most sophisticated round baler ever was unveiled at the recent Farm Progress Show in Indiana by Vermeer Mfg. Co., Pella, Iowa. The new 605J baler, which has built-in sensors and hydraulic-controlled steering, automatically weaves back and forth across windrows to form perfectly even bales.
(Massey Ferguson, which gets its round balers from Vermeer, is also offering the new "Baler That Thinks".)
The 605J is equipped with a pair of bale-sensors on either side of the back of the baler. These press against the outermost belts on either side, moving outward under pressure of the growing bale. The relative positions of the two sensors are electronically monitored so that when one side or the other becomes uneven, a signal is sent to hydraulic steering cylinders on either wheel on the baler, and the baler automatically weaves across the windrow to pick up hay to fill out fir bale. As the baler travels down the row, the sensors continually send signals to the steering hydraulics; causing the baler to evenly cross bask and forth across the windrow on its own.
"It adds 200 to 300 lbs. to every bale because they're so evenly packed," says Dennis Vandermolen, company representative, noting that the baler makes bales up to 6 ft. in dia. and 5 ft. wide.
In addition to the computerized auto-weave system, the baler has several other new features. Air-spring belt tension provided by a new air-bag shock provides uniform bale density at an infinite range of pressure settings. The operator can easily release air pressure in the side-mounted air bags to allow access for maintenance to the belts and inner bale chamber.
The new 605J baler also features automatic twine tie with available manual controls for special conditions. It has a near-full bale indicator light as well as a full-bale light and buzzer. It can also be fitted with an automatic bale ejector so you don't have to back up to dump bales.
"It has many other improvements and refinements that we think makes this the premier baler on the market," says Vandermolen.
The new baler, with auto weave and air springs, sells for $16,507. Also new from Vermeer is a 503I baler which makes 3-ft. dia. It sells for $8,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vermeer Manufacturing Co., P.O. Box 200, Pella, Iowa 50219 (ph 515 628-3141).

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