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Turn Your Skid Loader Into A Dump Truck - And More!
A revolutionary new skid loader towbar system designed for Bobcats and other skid steers was introduced at the recent 3i show in Great Bend, Kansas.
    The Cattail towbar system is like nothing you've ever seen before. Trying to understand how this "towable tool carrier" system works isn't easy - even the company says a demonstration is the only real way to learn what it can do. But the benefits it offers are many, says Jim Page, Quantum Industries, Inc., Bottineau, N. Dak.
    "It's designed for the construction and landscaping industry, but we think it also has great potential for farmers and ranchers," says Page.
    The base unit is designed to accommodate more than 20 Cattail tools and attachments, as well as other manufacturers' tools. It includes a mating attachment that quick-taches to skid loader arms; an "up and over" towbar made from 6-in. sq. tubing that attaches to the mounting plate; and a single axle which can be equipped with either a short or long cart frame to accept a flatbed or dump box. The axle can also be equipped with a 3-pt. hitch and pto, allowing use of a variety of attachments including a field cultivator, box blade, mower, tiller, round bale hauler, gravel box, and water tank with spray boom. A hydraulically-driven pto output can be added to operate mowers, tillers, and other pto-driven tools.
    The mating attachment has built-in slots and pockets for storage of buckets and grapple forks.
    "We find it's best to start with an 8-ft. wide flatbed and single axle with lift kit so you can turn your skid loader into a dump truck. You can load and tow with the same skid loader. Just detach the skid loader from the towbar and load material into the dump box. To dump the load you can either raise the loader arms or use the bed tilt cylinder."
    One unique feature of the system is a rotating "gudgeon" that hooks up to a wedge plate receiver and is the heart of the mating attachment.
    "The gudgeon allows the operator to spin around 180 degrees under the towbar to face the opposite direction and ępush' the load into position," says Page. "You can see where you're going, instead of backing in. From a safety standpoint, you can't beat it because you're never looking over your shoulder."
    The basic unit sells for $4,900. The 3-pt. assembly sells for $900.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Quantum Industries, Inc., 10341 18th Ave. N.E., Bottineau, N. Dak. 58318 (ph 701 263-4179; Dakota@srt.com; www.cattailinfo.com).

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