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Generating Hydrogen From Water Is Promoting A Scam
The information published in the last couple issues about generating hydrogen from water is promoting a scam. All these products promote the same basic scheme - use electricity from the car's battery to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, feed the gases into the engine, and increase gas mileage. It sounds good but it violates a fundamental law of physics. The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us that it's impossible to get more energy out of a closed system than you put in. Energy is needed to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The source of the energy used is from the car's electrical system. The car's engine has to work harder to supply the electrical energy than it would if the system weren't in place.
  Do some research on this topic and provide your readers with the truth about this hokum. There are lots of legitimate, alternative energy ideas out there. This is not one of them. (Joseph Ranagan, Sangerville, Maine; jranagan@wildblue.net)

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