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Slick Way To Measure Bolts
If you've ever found yourself searching for the right bolt to fit a certain hole, you know it usually takes a lot of trial and error to determine the right bolt diameter and length.  This new Boltstix measuring device is designed to solve the problem by checking the size and depth of a bolt hole for you.
  The "sticks" in the set are made from high density polyethylene and measure about 6 in. long. Each stick is marked in 1/4 to 3/4-in. sizes for length, with a hole at the top end of the stick that corresponds to the correct bolt diameter.
  To find the bolt size you need, choose one of the sticks in the set that's closest to the size of the bolt hole and insert the stick in the hole. If it won't go in, choose the next smaller size. Push the stick all the way to the bottom of the bolt hole. Then place your thumb nail right at the top of the bolt hole and hold it there, while removing the stick. Read the length of the bolt on the length gauge, and the size of the bolt on back of the stick.
  The kit comes with two sets of sticks - blue for standard and red for metric. The metric sticks have markings molded in 10 mm marks. The sticks snap onto a handle that can be hung on a pegboard for storage.
  "It eliminates the need to grab a handful of bolts and run to the auto parts store to try and match them up," says inventor Rick Guinn, Peoria, Arizona. "Once you know the length and diameter of the bolt you need, you can go to your bolt bin and find a bolt that fits in the hole at the top of the stick. Then you can measure the bolt against the length markings on the stick."
  A set of one standard or one metric Boltstix sells for $11 apiece including S&H. A set of one standard and one metric Boltstix sells for $22 plus S&H.
  Guinn says he plans to come out with a product later this summer that will measure for screws. He will also introduce a product that will list and measure the pitch of the thread on both bolts and screws.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Boltstix LLC, 8159 W. Crocus Dr., Peoria, Arizona 85381 (ph 866 779-2658 or 623 215-3836; fax 623 334-1699; rrguinn@cox.net; www.boltstix.net).

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