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Metal Plate To Back Side Broom
Rex Gogerty, 33475 K. Ave., Hubbard, Iowa 50122 ph 641 487-7617: "I bolted a 5-in. wide metal plate to the back side of a broom. Works great for dislodging mud, ice and manure. I started with a metal plate about 5 in. long on one end and 8 in. long at the other. I bent it at a 35 degree angle, then drilled a hole through the plate and also through a plastic holder for the broom handle. A 1/2-in. dia., 2 1/2-in. long bolt runs through the plate and plastic holder and into the board that holds the broom. A nut and lock washer holds it on.
  "Works great in my garage and shop because I can scrape stuff off the floor without having to stoop over. I can use the scraper to knock stuff loose, then push it away with the broom. It isn't designed to do heavy duty digging but on a cement floor it works great."

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2008 - Volume #32, Issue #4