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"Towable" Pasture Irrigation System
"It's more cost efficient and easier to use than any pasture irrigation system on the market," says Clifford Pallin, Universal Irrigation Sales, Eugene, Oregon, about the company's new portable Irripod pasture irrigation system, developed in New Zealand.
  The system is designed to be quickly moved using an ATV. It consists of a series of protective pod skids that cover and protect sprinklers that are attached to a flexible polyethylene pipeline. The pods, spaced up to 60 ft. apart, protect the sprinklers from livestock and also keep them from tipping over as they're pulled from place to place.
  Designed to operate at low pressure, the system distributes water slowly so it only requires movement once every 12 to 24 hours.
  Each pod comes with a white dome and black base, as well as a wire guard. A protective lid keeps young livestock from stepping into the pods. A pop-up option is also available.
   "We offer larger sizes of pipe - currently up to 1 3/4 in. inside diameter - so you can use larger sprinklers, which results in less friction loss. As a result, you can space lines and pods farther apart, saving on initial cost," says Pallin.
  Another unique feature is that each pod clamps onto the pipe, instead of threading on like a string of pearls. "That way if a pod in the middle of the line has to be replaced, you can remove it without having to remove all the pods and then put them all back on again."
  Irripod is a component system and can be configured for any size pasture, says Pallin. A typical 7-pod system that could cover five acres using a 14-position shift pattern starts at $1,500.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Universal Irrigation Sales Corporation, 92311 Booth St., Junction City, Oregon, 97448 (ph 541 998-9999; fax 541 998-9998; universal@ universalsales.biz; www.universalsales.biz/enter.html).

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