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Scraper Fitted With Adjustable Roller
Duwayne Bakker, Riverton, Wyoming, mounted a homemade, adjustable roller behind the 5-ft. blade on his 3-pt. mounted Woods scraper.
  "It works great. I use my scraper to take off about one inch of ground at a time. The blade smoothes everything out, then the roller firms it down. It weighs about 150 lbs.," says Bakker.
  He uses the scraper on his 10-acre property, pulling it with a Deere 20 hp tractor. "I lease part of my land to oilfield companies, and their big trucks make wheel ruts that are often 6 to 8 inches deep."
  To build the roller, he used a heavy 4-ft. long pipe and installed a bearing at each end. The roller is attached to a pair of arms made from sq. tubing, which bolt onto small metal "ears" that he welded onto the blade. A series of holes drilled into each end of the blade allow him to adjust the arms up or down.
  The roller is raised up or down via a trailerhouse jack that he mounted on a heavy metal plate that's welded between the arms. Cranking the jack one way makes the roller go down and the blade come up. Cranking it the opposite way makes the roller go up and the blade come down.
  A short length of telescoping pipe is welded to the blade and also to the lifting mechanism inside the jack.
  "I can raise either the blade or the roller up to six inches off the ground," notes Bakker.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Duwayne R. Bakker, Box 6057, 12557 U.S. Highway 26, Riverton, Wyoming 82501 (ph 307 857-5626).

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