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Mosquito Motel Kills Pesky Bugs
The Mosquito Motel invites pesky bugs in - and won't let them out again.
  "This captures all sizes of mosquitoes and other bugs. It's a new concept that uses no chemicals," says Stan Price, owner of Mosquito Mart in Beaumont, Texas.
  Flying insects are attracted to the unit by its ultraviolet lights and the carbon dioxide produced by light hitting titanium oxide coated panels. When insects enter the unit, a quiet fan pushes them down into a capture net at the bottom where they dehydrate and die.
  You plug the Mosquito Motel into a regular 110-volt outlet in a cool, dark, damp area with some type of cover - the units are not designed to be in the rain. Horse barns, porches and lean-tos are good locations, Price says. The motel uses 26 watts of electricity and should be plugged in at all times.
  The machine is non-discriminate about the bugs it kills, Price adds, though he's never seen it lure honeybees. In very buggy areas, you need to empty the unit every other day. The bottom has a handy twist lock for easy removal.
  Price notes other units that work on the same principle cost as much as $900. His imported 7 by 14-in. model "does an awfully good job for the money."
  Mosquito Mart has a summer special of $59.95 and a 90-day warranty. Extra ultraviolet lights can also be purchased for $6.99/pair. Lights typically last about six months, Price says. Mosquito Motel comes in black or green.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mosquito Mart, Inc, 11475 Hwy. 90, Beaumont, Texas 77713 (ph 409 866-6855; www.mosquitomartinc.com).

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