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Water-Pumping Windmill Passes Test Of Time
It's hard to beat the Model 702, a water pumping windmill originally designed in 1933, according to Ken and Sharen O'Brock, who have been distributing and installing the windmills for 40 years. They sell 4 to 16-ft. dia. windmills to clients throughout the U.S. and overseas. The windmills are used for everything from watering cattle and irrigating land to removing oil and chemicals from groundwater.
  Interest in windmills for pumping has stayed steady throughout the years, Ken notes, with a burst of interest when people thought they might lose electricity during Y2K. Windmills can be installed with hand pumps or as backup on wells that have electric pumps.
  The windmills can also be used for pond aeration and other uses. Ken modified five windmills, for example, to move in a rotary motion rather than reciprocal in order to operate oil skimmers at an oil refinery. For another client, the windmill pushed bubbling air into the ground water to oxidize and break down hazardous chemicals.
  Ken notes he doesn't manufacture windmills. He sells units from four U.S. windmill manufacturers. As a distributor, his expertise is in applying the units to specific needs. Plus, he and his wife are one of the few distributors who do installations.
  "There always seems to be some issue that arises, and we can handle anything," Ken says. The O'Brocks work with customers to decide how large a windmill they need depending on the amount of water they want to pump and the well depth. The tower must be above wind obstructions. While they've installed windmills on towers up to 80 ft., 33 to 40-ft. towers are most common.
  Customers can do the installation themselves, Ken adds. Windmills up to 10 ft. can be put up by hand, but larger ones require a boom or crane.
  Some businesses purchase large windmills for business landmarks with their name on the tail. Individuals often put them up as nostalgic lawn ornaments.
  The O'Brocks' website includes prices for all sizes of windmills, towers, hand pumps and other parts, as well as many colorful photos of windmills and towers being installed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, O'Brock Windmill Distributors, 9435 12th St., North Benton, Ohio 44449 (ph 330 584-4681; kenobrock@hotmail.com; www. obrockwindmill.com).

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