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Miniature Bull Riding Catches On
At 4-ft. tall, Zebu, Dexter, Herford and Lowline Angus bulls are awfully "cute." But slip on a flank rope and strap in a pre-teen rider, and they'll start bucking just like their big bull cousins. Mini bull riding competitions have been cropping up all over the country for youngsters from 8 to 13.
  In the past, children interested in bull riding started out riding dairy calves.
  Chris Bryant is a miniature bull breeder and organizer of the Xtreme Mini Bull Riding Tour (www.extrememinibulls.com), which started in Texas in 2007. He and other members of the Miniature Bucking Bull Breeders of America (MBBBA) say the new competitions give aspiring bull riders a stepping stone to the real thing.
  MBBBA Executive Director Shane Daniel of Rocky, Okla., raised full-size bucking bulls since he was 15. Now 33, and after serving in the Marine Corps, he switched to miniature breeds in 2004.
  "They buck like big bulls, but at a speed kids can handle," he explains. "In my opinion, kids getting on dairy calves doesn't teach the fundamentals of bull riding. Mini bulls are for advanced riders who plan to stick with bull riding."
  Miniature breeds come from European stock, and MBBBA regulations require they can be no taller than 4 ft. Miniature bulls typically sell for $750 to $1,500. Miniature cows start at $500.
  They require the same care as standard bulls, but not as much food or space. "A 40-acre setup is good," Daniel says, but Bryant notes even five acres is enough to raise a few mini bulls.
  Many MBBBA members are former bull riders, while others are just fascinated with the breed. As the organization grows, it hopes to put on more events, which are run the same as big bull competitions.
  He and Daniel encourage anyone interested in raising miniature bucking bulls or becoming involved in competitions to contact them.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, MBBBA, Shane Daniel, Rt. 1, Box 117, Rocky, Okla. 73661 (ph 580 660-0064; midrangecattle@aol.com; www.mbbba.com or www.midrangecattleco.com); or Chris Bryant, 3319 FM 1568, Campbell, Texas 75422 (ph 214 251-9115; chrisbryant@ koyote.com; www.badlittlebuckers.com).

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