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Add-On Tires Keep Mower Running Level
"I had trouble with my Deere 413 3-pt. mounted Bush Hog-type mower digging into the dirt. I tried using the tractor's 3-pt. control lever to adjust the depth, but it's real touchy so the mower usually went too far up or down. I solved the problem by mounting a pair of fat tires on front of the mower. Now I can just drop the 3-pt. and go without having to adjust anything," says Duwayne Bakker, Riverton, Wyoming.
  The 4-ft. wide rig was originally equipped with a single caster wheel on back, which it still has. Bakker welded a 2-in. dia. pipe axle across the front of the mower, then welded a metal plate with matching wheel holes in it onto each end of the pipe. Then he bolted 12-in. wide wheels, which he bought at Wal-Mart, onto each plate.
  "The wheels keep the mower's front end about 2 in. off the ground, while the back end stays about 3 in. off the ground. I tried using narrower tires at first, but the mower is so heavy that the tires sank into the ground and made deep wheel ruts," notes Bakker.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Duwayne R. Bakker, Box 6057, 12557 U.S. Highway 26, Riverton, Wyoming 82501 (ph 307 857-5626).

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