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GOWELD Portable Welder
Kent Sundling (kent@mr.truck.com): The GOWELD is a really versatile and very portable welder. I've used it to work on a horse trailer along the side of the road using argon gas and regular lead acid battery power. You can even use truck or car batteries for power. Just disconnect them from the vehicle, and hook cables to the GOWELD in series.
"The welder has proven itself under combat situations in Iraq, where its compact size lets it be carried in battle ready vehicles. The handheld unit holds the motor, drive assembly, trigger, micro switch, gas valve, circuit board, even the wire spool in the handle. Large knobs control voltage and wire speeds of 50 to 1,000 inches per minute.
"Car batteries can be used, but deep cycle batteries will give you up to 20 minutes of welding between charges. The welder has built-in battery protection with a monitor that will automatically turn off the circuit to protect the battery from too deep a discharge.
"We've welded aluminum, but the GOWELD will also work with steel, stainless and hardfacing, reverse or straight polarity. The gun handle holds a 2-lb. spool of either 0.023 or 0.045 diameter wire. You don't even need argon gas if you use coated wire. You can also get an adapter to use on 110-volt current in your shop or garage. A kit with GOWELD and all accessories is available for $795 at www.goweld.com)."

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