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Simple Bale Mover For More Than Just Horses
This simple bale mover is designed for use with a forecart behind a team of horses. It works just as well with an ATV, UTV or other vehicles. Reinhard Merten-Melching, Barntrup, Germany, built the rig.
"It can lift bales up to about 900 lbs.," says Merten-Melching. "I use it with straw and silage bales."
The bale mover is a simple curved rack hinged to the axle of a cart. To load, the cart is backed up with the rack in vertical position. It's then strapped to a bale sitting on end. A winch mounted on the tongue of the cart pulls the rack with bale into horizontal and transport position over the axle. At the destination, the winch is released and the weight of the bale extended past the axle returns the rack to vertical for release.
"The rack was built with 4-in. black pipe," says Merten-Melching. "The trailer itself is an axle from a car with a pipe from a tow bar for the pole." Merten-Melching speaks only German, so English speakers should contact him by email.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reinhard Merten-Melching, Helle 32, 32683, Barntrup, Germany (ph 011 49 05263 955306; alverdissen@t-online.de).

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