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Floating Logos Attract Big-Time Attention
Lexington, Alabama inventor, entrepreneur, and former magician, Francisco Guerra and his co-inventor, Brian Glover, have patented a process for making and launching floating logos that they call "Flogos."
  They're made from water, a special soap, and helium-rich air, which causes them to rise up into the sky. They can reach heights of up to 20,000 ft. and will travel up to 30 miles away.
  Guerra says he's already been hired to create Flogos for companies such as Honda, Nike, Yamaha, Coors Light and Bank of America, just to name a few.
  "The Flogo machine forces the foam up through a custom-designed logo stencil that can be as big as 4 ft. across, and just about any shape. The bubbly form is sliced several inches thick and released to rise up high where many people will see it. A steady flow of copies follow at 15-second intervals," Guerra says. "If there's no wind, they just spiral up slowly."
  Flogos can be made to last up to about an hour, although weather conditions also play a part. If the creations hit an obstacle like a tree or building, they disintegrate, sometimes leaving a harmless, powdery residue that just blows away.
  Guerra and his partner rent out the machines for about $3,500 per day and also offer long term leases. They have international distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Germany and Singapore. He says Flogos are more economical than skywriting on banners towed by airplanes.
   To provide customers with even more eye-catching options, Guerra says he'll have various solid-colored Flogos available in six months. He's also working on a machine that will use 6-ft. stencils.
  Guerra and Glover also make fake snow and foam for Hollywood movies and special events. Their company, Snowmasters Inc., produces the Flogo machines.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Francisco Guerra, Snowmasters Inc., 11054 County Rd. 71, Lexington, Alabama 35648 (ph 256 229-5551; info@flogos.net; www.flogos.net).

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