1987 - Volume #11, Issue #2, Page #24
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Row Shut-Off for Deere, White Air Planters

Tim Schrage couldn't find a row shut-off control for his air planter so the Greene, Iowa farmer built his own. After using it for 1¢ years on over 3,000 acres, he's now manufacturing it for sale.
The shut-off control is designed for the White air planters and Deere Max-Emerge II vacuum planters. It consists of flapper valves that install in the air tube. They'll shut down either side of the planter on the go.
"We have lots of triangular-shaped fields and waterways where we can't plant with the entire width of the planter. If we double-up on seed, we lose yields," says Schrage, who notes that the shut-off unit won't work on IH planters which blow the seed through air tubes.
The row shut-off takes 2 to 3 hrs. to install and sells for about $299, depending on how many shut-off valves you require.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tim Schrage, Schrage Manufacturing, Rt. 2, Box 73, Greene, Iowa 50636 (ph 515 823-4886).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #2