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New One Pass Tillage Tool
"It's not just a chisel plow with a disk gang," says DMI, Goodfield, Ill., of its new Turbo-Tiger tillage tool.
Designed for "one pass" operation, it features a specially designed disk assembly and V-chisel subsoiler. The disk blades are uniquely spaced and angled, and the subsoiler has parabolic shanks with exclusive "low profile, winged chisel points", the manufacturer points out. Another key feature is independent, hydraulic on-the-go vertical adjustment of disk depth, which means you can change disk depth without changing chisel depth, thus controlling the amount of trash buried.
The DMI Turbo-Tiger gets its name from the turbulent action created by its operation, which the manufacturer describes as follows:
"The first row of widely spaced disk blades aggressively cuts hard packed soil, windrows the trash, rips out root crowns and mixes dirt. The second row of disks parts the windrow, recuts the trash and returns the soil laterally to leave the field level. The rearward and downward slope of the sharp wings on the chisel points lift, twist and turn the fractured soil, thus burying trash and herbicides while bringing up deep soil without creating a new sole. This results in a slabbing moldboard type action that leaves the soil open, allowing moisture to penetrate and be retained, which helps cut down on erosion. All leading edges of the winged chisel points are hard-surfaced and sharp for smooth penetration and stay at a selected depth while using less
The machine's V-chisels are spaced 30 in. apart. It's available with five shanks for a 121/2 ft. swath, or with seven shanks for a 171/2 ft. swath. Both versions are equipped with width spaced, spring-loaded disks arranged in two rows and in staggered opposing positions. The five shank unit generally requires a 200 to 300 hp., four-wheel drive tractor. For deep chiseling, a seven shank unit requires a 275 to 400 hp. fourwheel drive tractor.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, DMI, Inc., Route 150 E., Goodfield, Ill. 61742 (ph. 309 965-2233).

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