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Turn Your 3-Pt Blade Into A Grader
If you own a 3-pt. mounted tractor blade and want precision control of it, then you'll be interested in the new Blade Aid from Schweiss.
It's a two-wheeled steel carriage that conveys and controls any brand of 3-pt. tractor blade, turning it into a grader. It prevents gouging and digging when the tractor goes up an incline or swings around a corner by allowing the operator to change blade height and tilt angle to suit the situation.
Precision blade control makes the Blade Aid great for leveling farmyards, driveways and ditches. It's also handy for moving snow and for cleaning up, or re-forming field terraces.
"Just two bolts and one pin hold the blade to the Blade Aid. A double valve hydraulic system provides accurate, fingertip blade control," says manufacturer Harold Schweiss. "One hydraulic cylinder controls depth of cut while a second cylinder controls the blade's tilt angle. It's accurate enough to do light terrace or road building work yourself," he adds.
The Blade Aid fits virtually all 3 pt. blades and sells for $900. Double valve controls and 3-pt. blade are extra, or you can use any brand you may presently own.
For more information, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Schweiss, Inc., Box 557, Sherburn, Minn. 56171 (ph 507 764-2251).

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