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They Buy Used Harvestore Silos
Silo Supreme Inc., and its sister company Silo J.M. Lambert Inc., are Canadian-based companies that buy and sell second hand Harvestore silos.
  According to sales rep Francois Dumont, Silo Supreme Inc., purchases silos from farmers in the eastern U.S., dismantles and transports them to its headquarters in Drummondville, Quebec. Then Silo J.M. Lambert Inc., refurbishes and rebuilds them on farms in Canada.
  "We transform them into top unloading silos for our customers, the majority of whom are in Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes," Dumont explains. "Top unloading silos are very effective and low-cost, requiring less than $500 per year to operate. On the other hand, bottom unloading silos cost farmers between $4,000 and $6,000 per year for maintenance and replacement parts. Bottom unloading silos are best suited for high moisture corn."
  To "un-build" a silo, the company's crew tears it down sheet by sheet, using a set of jacks in the reverse order of how they were built. Silo Supreme has done this with structures up to 110 ft. high and 31 ft. in diameter.
  The workers load the dismantled silo pieces onto trucks and they're transported to the Silo Supreme yard to be checked over. Then they're taken to their new home. While resurrecting the structure one piece at a time, the crew can make them a bit bigger or smaller if necessary.
  A 20 by 80-ft. silo takes the company 3 to five days to disassemble and then five to seven days to rebuild, including the time that's required to clean between the sheets and apply new silicone.
  "We pay good money for large silos - 25 by 60 ft. and higher - because the heavy (thicker) sheets are in demand when we enlarge a silo," Dumont says. "In Quebec, we build them up to 25 by 100 ft."
  The company has overseas markets for some of the dismantled structures. They've sold some to Finland, France and Denmark, according to Dumont.
  "They're a very good structure. The life of those silos is many generations," he adds. "We've taken some down that are 30 years old and they look like new when we rebuild them."
  The company also builds new concrete block silos, and does on-site repairs for existing, operational silos, both Harvestore and concrete block silos. Dumont says that buying a reconditioned Harvestore silo is a little bit more expensive than putting up a new concrete silo.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Silo Supreme, Harvestor Silo USA Division, 4250 B. Vachon St., Drummondville, Quebec, Canada J2B 6V4 (ph 819 850-1376; fax 819 474-8620; silosupreme@ cgocable.ca; www.silojmlambert.com).

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