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Big Bag Bale Feeder
Here's a new concept in bale feeding: An air and water-permeable collapsible bag that falls away as livestock feed on the bale.
  The patented Big Bale Buddy is essentially a snug-fitting polypropylene bag with an elastic top opening.
  "It does a great job of keeping the hay contained with very minimal wastage," says inventor Jenise Crossing. "When a bale is nearly gone, the animals quickly learn to push the soft folds of polypropylene around with their noses to get the last little bits of hay. If there's any dirt or manure stuck to it when it's empty and ready to re-use, pick it up by one edge and give it a few firm shakes to remove. Polypropylene is naturally slippery and repels dirt."
  The woven material is durable, rot and stain-resistant, and UV-treated for 1,200 hours (two years) of protection from sun damage.
  "All seams are double sewn with UV-treated polypropylene thread, and the elastic in the top is sewn to the bag all the way around so it can't come loose and become a hazard to your animals," Crossing says. "Depending on usage and care, the bags should last for years. They're a safe, affordable alternative to pen-type feeders, eliminating injuries sometimes caused by metal units."
  To use the bag feeder, you stand the bale on a flat end and remove all strings and bindings. Then simply pull the bag down over the bale and flip it over. "If you're feeding smaller animals or want to provide more access to the bale, you just fold down the upper edge of the bag so that the elastic grips the sides of the bale and the upper edge is exposed," Crossing explains.
  Big Bale Buddy is available in three sizes. "Small" fits bales up to 4 ft., 5 in. dia.; "large" fits bales up to 5 ft., 3 in. dia.; and "extra-large" fits 6-ft. bales.
  "It's meant to fit snugly, so please make sure you know your bale size before placing your order," she says.
  Product prices are: $89.95 (Can.) for small; $94.95 (Can.) for large; and $99.95 (Can.) for extra-large. Shipping within Canada is free but for U.S. orders it's $11.70 (Can.).
  Big Bale Buddy comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty against tearing and manufacturer's defects. Dealer inquiries welcome.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Buddy Incorporated, 2267 Monck Road, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada K0L 1C0 (ph 866 389-9952 or 416 607-7013; info@bigbalebuddy.com; www.bigbalebuddy.com).

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