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PVC "Porcupine" Attracts Fish
You can create your own "hot spots" with Bill Dance's Porcupine Fish Attractor. The odd-looking plastic sphere with spikes made from lengths of pvc pipe starts attracting fish in minutes and will continue to do so for years to come, says inventor Larry Harper.
"One outdoor writer dropped one in a lake and said he caught a 1 1/2-lb. bass at the spot 30 minutes later," reports Harper.
Harper notes that kids get bored when they don't catch fish, and dads get tired of retying line and hooks. With his pvc fish structures, kids catch fish. Once they've been in place for a few weeks, algae and plankton begin to grow on them, attracting small bait fish and then larger fish. The structures appear to improve spawning habitat. They don't deteriorate over time, and they don't catch hooks.
"Drop a line with bait down through the PVC pipe, and it bounces as it slides past the pipes. Fish come and get it," he says. "Pull the line back out, and it slides off the pipes instead of getting caught."
He made his first model with a ball of putty and toothpicks and then made a full-size prototype from wood and got the idea patented.
With the help of investors, he had a plastic injection mold made and started calling on retailers. He has since sold thousands, thanks in part to Bill Dance, the cable TV fishing celebrity. Dance saw it at a sporting goods store, tried a couple out and was so impressed that he called Harper up and offered to help promote the device for free.
"Bill said it was the best thing to happen to fishing in many, many a year," says Harper.
Harper says he has put out more than 800 on one lake in Kentucky. He has the GPS coordinates on each one, allowing him to go out on the lake and drop a line right to a spot where there will be fish.
"They'll work great for ice fishing too," he explains. "Drop them in the summer, and record the GPS coordinates. Come back after the lake has iced over, and drill a hole right over the spot."
Harper sells the plastic sphere by itself (without pvc pipes) for $11.65 or in a 3-pack for $34.95. Spheres are also available with pre-cut pvc pipes in three different lengths for three different depth ranges. Prices vary based on pipe length and unit quantity ordered.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Dance's Porcupine Fish Attractor, 1199 Industrial Park Rd., P.O. Box 5287, South Fulton, Tenn. 38257 (ph 270 254-0150; fax 270 653-4233; lharper@fishattractor.net; www.porcupinefishattractor.com).

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