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Easy Way To Get Fuel Flowing
"Before retiring, I ran a small engine repair service and one of the most common problems I saw was fuel system problems in riding mowers," says Eldon England, Jameson, Mo.
  "Many small tractors have the gas tank under the seat with a small diaphragm-type fuel pump built onto the carburetor. These work very well once the engine is running but after a mower sits for a while, the diaphragms tend to dry up. This can result in hard starting even after just a few days. Sometimes you have to prime the carburetor manually to start one of these engines.
  "I solved the problem on many tractors - including my own Sears Craftsman 16 hp twin cylinder - by installing an outboard motor primer bulb in the gas line. Before starting the engine on my tractor, I lift the hood to squeeze the bulb a few times to get gas to the fuel pump. It starts every time, even after sitting through the winter months.
  "A more elaborate cure is to install a small electric fuel pump available at any auto parts store. It can be installed anywhere under the hood with a small push button installed on the dash, wired directly to the battery with a 30-amp inline fuse for safety. Then you just hold the button down until the entine starts.
  "Both methods work well on any mower or smaller machine with the gas tank installed at a level lower than the carburetor."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eldon England, 21377 Granite Ave., Jameson, Mo. 64647 (ph 660 442-6036).

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