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"Side Dressing Shield" For Ammonia Applicators
A new "side dressing shield" for anhydrous ammonia applicators lets you apply nitrogen to even the shortest corn crop at fast speeds, without covering it up.
  The "Dirt Dog" is designed to mount to the applicator using the same bolt holes as the knives. The shield deflects soil as it comes up the face of the knife, and forces it back down harmlessly between the rows.
  Three different models are available. Model one is used to control the flow of the soil. It has no covering capability.
  Model two has a covering wing that trails the knife and can bring soil back to cover the knife slot. A covering plate is used to guide the soil. The plate is adjustable up and down and front to back and should run about 2 in. above the untilled soil level. "It works very well in conventional and minimum tillage conditions," says Miller.
  Model three is the same as model two but offers a closing disc as an option to the covering plate. In no-till conditions the rolling disc sealer will handle more trash.
  "I like the freedom to be a little sloppy with my steering without having to worry about the double disc sealers tearing out 16 rows of my corn. Dirt Dogs are only 10 1/2 in. wide so you've got some room to move," says Miller.
  Model one sells for $80 per row plus S&H; model two for $95 plus S&H; and model three for $115 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Miller, 10916 Catlin-Homer Rd., Catlin, Ill. 61817 (ph 217 304-1109).

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