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Cheap Wireless Mailbox Alarm
Duane Thies, Winside, Neb., made a nifty wireless mailbox alarm using a driveway alarm.
  He bought the alarm for less than $20 from Harbor Freight & Salvage (www.harborfreight.com; ph 805 388-3000). It consists of two parts - a transmitter that detects movement and a receiver that lights up for chimes when it receives a signal.
  Thies attached the alarm sensor to the inside back of the box using Velcro tape. So when the door to the mailbox is opened, the alarm is triggered, sending a signal to the receiver, which Theis puts in his kitchen window. So he knows right away when the mail has arrived.
  The driveway alarm has a 400-ft. range. It's easy to take the transmitter out and replace the battery when needed, he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Duane Thies, 305 Bressler Ave., Winside, Neb. 68790.

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