2008 - Volume #32, Issue #2, Page #29
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How To Fill A Portable Air Tank Fast

"I modified my portable air tank so that I can fill it much faster than I could with an ordinary air chuck," says Donald Chapman, Billings, Mo.
  All he used was a T fitting, a ball valve, some nipples and the male end of a quick disconnect coupler. He mounted the T fitting between the tank's original safety relief valve and the tank, then installed a ball valve and quick connector. To fill the tank, he simply hooks up an air hose to the quick connector and then turns a handle to open the valve.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Donald Chapman, 6212 South Farm Road 25, Billings, Mo. 65610 (ph 417 744-8505).

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2008 - Volume #32, Issue #2