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Powerful Pruners Fit Farm Tractors
Trim All Equipment Corporation of Clanton, Alabama, produces several different models of tree pruning attachments.
  The Trim All "I," "II" and "III" models are made for use on skid steer loaders or farm tractor loaders, and have 12-ft. booms that can reach out between 21 to 27 ft., depending on the support vehicle being used. All three units have a 24-in., carbide-tipped circular saw blade at the end of a non-conductive fiberglass boom.
  The I, II, and III offer booms that stick out in front - the model II unit's boom rotates 45 degrees left or right, and the model III unit's boom can also swing 90 degrees to the left.
  In all cases, the boom and saw are operated by the support vehicle's hydraulic pumps and use the same controls that are used to run the front-end loader.
  The Trim All I, II, and III weighs about 1,200 lbs.
  "All are easy to install and detach, as it takes just a few minutes to insert or remove two pins and connect or remove the hydraulic couplers," according to Duane Lewis of Trim All Equipment Corporation. "There's no comparison to traditional boom mowers that rip trees apart. The Trim All cuts faster, cleaner and higher."
  Trim All uses a limb deflector and a protective window to prevent falling limbs from entering the cab. A safety latch locks the boom in the "up" position when not in use.
  The Trim All "I" is priced at $7,500, the "II" is $9,500, and the "III" is $15,500. A heavier backhoe model is available that reaches out to 55 ft. and sells for up to $45,000.
  A video showing the units in operation can be viewed on the company's website.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Trim-All Equipment Company, 806 Center Ave., Clanton, Alabama 35045 (ph 205 280-3076; fax 205 280-3065; www.trimall.com).

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