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They Spread Straw With Manure Spreader
One of the best ways we've found to minimize sickness and problems during calving season is to keep the calving and bedding areas clean and dry. We use lots of straw for bedding in the early spring. If cows and young calves can lie on clean straw instead of in mud and manure, there's much less chance of dirty udders (and scour-causing bacteria ingested when the calves nurse) and also the young calves can stay warmer and drier, with less stress.
  Big square bales can sometimes be difficult to spread around a pen and we couldn't justify a new machine to do it. So we started using a manure spreader. The spreader can be set at whatever speed you wish as you unload the straw around the field or pen, spreading it smoothly and consistently, either thickly or thinly. This is much easier than trying to flake it off by hand and one person can do the job. We used to put the big bales on a flat-bed feed truck, but it always took one person to drive the truck and one or two more to flake it off. With the manure spreader, the straw is churned up and spread out much more effectively and much, much faster.
  One person can spread three or four bales in several pens and fields in the time it used to take three people to spread just one bale.
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