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"Maytag Man" Has 550 Motors For Sale
Dale Luttig is called the Maytag Man of Kansas with more than 550 1 and 2-cylinder Maytag gas engines in his collection. A retired metal fabricator who has built everything from lowboys for railroad maintenance to cattle feeders and welded pipe barns, it was only natural that he figured out how to build a tractor using his beloved Maytags.
"The differential, clutch and axles were from an old Meter Maid cart, " says Luttig. I built the frame and mounted a shaft from front to rear with pulley wheels on it for the six Maytags. The power shaft is tied into the driveshaft, and the motors are all timed to run at the same speed."
Luttig tied the exhaust systems into a 6-in. chrome stack just for appearance. "When I called a truck parts store, the fellow asked how many cylinders I had, and I said 12," recalls Luttig. "He never asked how big they were."
He has also built a Maytag can crusher using V-pulleys and bearings. Both tractors and a third tractor powered by a Fairbanks Morse stationary engine have been sold to collectors. "Single cylinder Maytags hardly ever need any repairs, just points and such," says Luttig. "The oldest I have was made in 1925. They stopped making them in 1951 when they went electric."
At 82, Luttig isn't interested in buying any more Maytags. He is selling, however, with working motors priced at $150 each.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Luttig, 9565 Hwy. 63, Emmett, Kansas 66422 (ph 785 535-2610).

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