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"No Waste" Wood Stove Heats House, Garage
Ray Bjorgaard of De Soto, Kansas, recently sent FARM SHOW photos of a "no waste" wood stove heating system that he uses to heat his entire 2,600 sq. ft. earth-sheltered house, as well as a 3-car attached garage.
  The key to success of the stove is how hot air is pulled off the outside of it and distributed throughout the house by an ingenious series of ductwork.
  The brick-lined stove stands in the living room. It has a series of open holes on front and a built-in "recovery unit" on top that measures 10 in. sq. and 24 in. high. Eighteen evenly-spaced 10-in. long, 1 1/4-in. dia. tubes run horizontally through the recovery unit and into a manifold on back. Air is blown into the manifold by a fan in the garage (on the other side of the living room wall), pushing hot air out into the room through the pipes in the heat recovery unit and the holes on front of the stove.
  A large vent in the ceiling directly above the stove leads to a 20-in. sq. fan box in the attic. Flexible 8-in. dia. tubes exit each side of the box, distributing the warm air throughout the house. Feeder tubes break off to heat other rooms. A filter in the fan box over the stove keeps dust from the wood stove from blowing all over the house.
  The garage itself is heated by the stovepipe, which goes out the wall into the garage. A heat pump recovery unit in the garage ties into the attic ductwork and can be used for both supplementary heating in winter and cooling in summer.
  "Two 8-in. dia. 300 cfm fans in the attic run 24 hours a day all year long to keep air moving," says Bjorgaard. "The wood stove was built for a local church. When natural gas became available, the church put the stove up for sale. I happened to be building my house at the same time so I bought it."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ray Bjorgaard, 10060 Waverly Rd., De Soto, Kansas 66018 (ph 913 583-1744).

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