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Convert Your Pickup To Eight Speeds
If you've been eyeing those new pickup torque splitters that'll convert your pickup to eight speeds, you'll want to take a look at the torque splitter manufactured by Advance Adapters, Paso Robles, Calif.
Advance Adapters has been making splitters since the early 1970's when it bought the idea from a Colorado manufacturer who pioneered the technology. Since the splitter is not protected by patent, it has since been manufactured and marketed by other companies.
John Partridge, president of Advance Adapters, says there's more demand now for splitters than there has ever been. "The new diesel pick-ups are worthless for heavy hauling without a torque splitter. On any pickup, the difference between having and not having one for hauling is like the difference between night and day," he told FARM SHOW. "The splitter gives you a way to use the engine's power by giving you an extra set of in-between gears that you can use when you need them."
Advance Adapter's Ranger, as their splitter is called, mounts between the bell housing and the existing manual transmission. The front side of the Ranger is an exact copy of your existing transmission and bolts directly to the bell housing. The rear side of the Ranger duplicates the appearance of the bell housing. No special tools are required to install it, although you have to shorten the drive shaft to install it, which makesit a permanent installation. The company is working on a new model that can be removed when the pickup is sold.
Here's how the splitter works:
The "spaces" between the existing gears are eliminated, giving your 4-speed a total of 8 speeds forward, with each existing gear split in two. A push-pull switch mounted on your floor shift lever electrically shifts the transmission from "high range" to "low range" with an Eaton 2-speed shifter. Your shift pattern remains the same. When in first gear, you clutch and pull the button to slip into your new second gear. As you shift the gear shift lever to move up to third gear (your old second gear), you push the button back in. The pattern continues through all 8 gears. If you're operating under no-load conditions, you can simply skip the in-between gears and shift it like a standard 4-speed.
The splitter allows you to haul big loads more easily and lessens engine wear, and also increases fuel mileage 20 to 30%, according to Partridge.
The Ranger fits most domestic and some foreign model pickups. It's guaranteed for 30,000 miles or six months. Sells for $1,200 and comes with instructions for do-it-yourselfers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Advance Adapters, Inc., 1645 Commerce Way, P.O. Box 247, Paso Robles, Calif. 93446 (ph 805 238-7000).

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