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Giant "Staples" Make Pipe Fencing Easy
If you've ever tried to make a fence out of steel pipe, chances are you had to get your welder out to do the work. David Neufeld, Waverly, Kansas, found a way to work with pipe that requires only a cordless drill, a 3-lb. hammer, and a metal bench.
  Neufeld makes giant staples out of 1/2-in. dia. steel rod that he salvages from old silo hoops. He takes a 14-in. length of rod, bevels the ends slightly all around the edges, and then bends it into a U-shape so it's about 6 in. long - and wide enough to fit over whatever pipe he's using.
  To insert the staple, he uses a 1/2-in. spade bit to drill two holes the width of the staple, gradually flaring the holes out about 3/4 in. He makes the holes as deep as the staples will go. The beveled edges on the ends of the rod allow the rods to slip into the holes. The flaring out of the holes pulls out the sides of the staples, which helps clamp them tightly in place.
  "I've used this idea for several years now and the pipes have stayed tightly in place, whether on tree trunks or on wood fence posts," says Neufeld, adding that he uses a "cheapy" Harbor Freight metal bender to bend the rods into staples.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Neufeld, Waverly, Kansas; (dneufeld@terraworld.net).

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