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Hopper Aids Auger Cleanup
Richard Foisy has found a fast, easy way to get all the grain from around his big auger into the bin.
He simply added a small hopper that opens into the auger tube. Now, all he has to do is scoop up the grain and drop it into the small hopper, and it's in the bin.
Normally, getting the last couple of bushels up a big auger is next to impossible, the Cut Knife, Sask. seed grower points out.
"The exposed flighting in the hopper sprays the grain around and onto the ground when just a little bit of grain is poured into it.
To make his cleanup easy, Foisy made a small addition to his 10-in. grain auger. He welded a smaller hopper onto the auger tubing about 5 ft. from the bottom. The small hopper opens directly onto the auger flighting.
"I placed it so I can easily empty a bucket or a scoopful of grain into it. The auger carries the grain to the top of the bin without any of it slipping back into the main hopper to be batted about and out by the exposed flighting.
"With the smaller, slower speed augers, there is no problem with cleanup, as the small auger and opening will take nearly all the seed in the hopper and not bat it about."
When Foisy's auger is running full, a trap door is closed over the small hopper opening. A wing nut securely fastens the door. Without the door the grain bubbles out over the hopper.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Foisy, Box 464, Cut Knife, Sask. S0M 0N0 (ph 306 398-4750).

Reprinted courtesy Grainews, Winnipeg, Canada.

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