2007 - Volume #31, Issue #6, Page #40
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Old-Style Sheepherder Cook Stove

Patterned after authentic sheepherder camp stoves from the old West, this new wood-fired Big Bear stove is big enough to heat a home or large cabin and feed a family.
  The stove was developed in response to customer demand, says Nancy Olsen, Energy House. The company first introduced a smaller Sheepherder-style stove patterned after authentic sheep camp stoves.
"People like cooking and baking with it," says Olsen. "They like being able to see into the fire chamber on the front load models."
One customer from New York State reported cooking on the Big Bear all the time and fueling it with coal. Olsen says the stove works well with wood or coal. It even works with harder to burn bituminous coal, due to the draft coming from underneath the fire. She says the stove also holds heat well.
"I had a lady from Alabama report holding a fire for 2 1/2 hours with only three 2 1/5-in. diameter sticks," says Olsen. "She told me she achieved oven temperatures with them of more than 300 degrees."
The airtight, all-steel stoves have a base weight of 395 lbs. and are available in charcoal or dark forest green colors. The non-warp construction features 1/4-in. steel walls and a 5/16-in., 34 by 24-in. cooking surface. The Big Bear will heat 2,200 sq. ft. A snap-on 4.2-gal. water tank is available, or the stove can be outfitted with a stainless steel water jacket that will heat 4 to 8 gal. of water per hour. The stove has a base price of $1,195 FOB.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Energy House, 2290 Panorama Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84124 (ph 801 261-3210; toll free 877 440-6481; fax 801 262-2701; www.transoceanltd.com).

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2007 - Volume #31, Issue #6