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Proven Pre-Filter Keeps Air Clean
The best technology is simple technology, and you can't get much simpler than the Enginaire precleaner for air intakes. For 30 years it has been cleaning coarse particles out of air before it reaches the air filter. By doing so, it saves engine owners money and time.
"Our research has shown that you can extend filter life by up to 12 times, save 10 percent on fuel costs and 15 percent on oil costs," says Rich Behnke, Enginaire. "It also cuts engine maintenance by up to 25 percent, reduces engine downtime by up to 50 percent and extends engine life by up to 25 percent."
The precleaner is powered by air being drawn into the engine air filter. The airflow causes an impeller to spin at up to 3,000 rpm. The centrifugal action pushes particles larger than 15 microns (less than 1/25,000 of an inch) to the outside of the precleaner chamber. From there, the particles are forced out of the discharge port. The now cleaner air is drawn through the precleaner's plenum and into the vehicle's air filter.
"The precleaner comes in 6 different sizes for motors from 1.5 to 400 hp.," says Behnke. "We get a lot of people who try one and then order more for other vehicles. It works as well with 5 hp concrete saws and zero turn lawn mowers as it does with compact tractors or heavy equipment."
Companies like Kubota install it on equipment going to areas overseas that lack local service centers. Behnke stresses that precleaning air is especially helpful when service/maintenance can be a problem.
Prices range from $50 for the smallest precleaner to $750 for the largest. All units have a lifetime warranty.
"We've even honored our warranty when a unit was broken because the operator backed under a tree," say Behnke.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Enginaire, 122 S. River St., Janesville, Wis. 53545 (ph 608 755-5466 or 800 359-1704; fax 608 755-5460; cleanair@enginaire.com; www.enginaire.com).

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