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Power Boost Module For Ag Equipment
"We've been selling diesel power boosters for Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins and GMC Duramax engines for the past few years. Many of our customers have asked if we have anything for their other ag equipment," say Marcus Hochstetler of South Coast Performance Solutions, who recently introduced the Workhorse ag module for tractors, combines, and other diesel engines.
The module plugs into the factory wiring harness to improve fuel delivery based on rpm load. Hochstetler says the modules can increase fuel economy by 10 to 15 percent while boosting power up to 30 percent.
He notes that it isn't as simple as more power from less fuel. By lowering the power curve and getting the power to the vehicle sooner, it isn't as necessary to gun the engine.
"It's the throttle lag that really eats up fuel economy," he says.
Hochstetler adds that unlike performance chips, the SPS modules do not produce the high temperatures and excessive torque, but actually lower engine exhaust temperatures.
"They're safe for the engines with no danger of overheating," he says.
According to Southcoast, most performance chips, modules or programmers produce more horsepower by altering the duration of the injection pulse and/or reprogramming the fuel tables in the factory installed computer. The longer the injector is held open, the more fuel that goes to the engine. Over-fueling will significantly shorten the life of the engine or cause it to fail altogether, warns Hochstetler. Unburned fuel increases friction and wear on the cylinder walls and rings and can raise exhaust gas temperatures to dangerous levels.
Southcoast modules add no additional fuel, says Hochstetler. Instead, they increase the combustion efficiency of the diesel engine through improved atomization of the injected fuel. Breaking down the fuel particles allows them to mix better with available oxygen, causing the fuel to burn faster in the combustion chamber. This releases more thermal energy, producing more power and torque at lower rpms.
The Southcoast Workhorse modules are priced at $695 and are backed by lifetime repair/replacement warranties. "These modules also do not affect the manufacturers' warranty," says Hochstetler.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Southcoast Performance Solutions, 14761 Cool Valley Ranch Road, Valley Center, Calif. 92082 (toll free 888 223-2396; MJH6@aol.com; www.morepowerlessfuel.com).

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