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Two Cub Cadets Used To Make "Deere Tractor"
Milton Ruppert, Nokomis, Ill., says he can push a lot of snow with the 4-WD articulated garden tractor that he built out of a pair of salvaged Cub Cadet garden tractors.
    But what he really was after was to see if he could build such a tractor. He figured it would be an eye catcher in local parades, and it has been.
    The tractor, which is painted Deere green and yellow, is powered by a Kohler 8 hp electric start engine and equipped with the power steering pump off an International Harvester 101 combine. It has two hydrostatic transmissions, dual wheels all the way around, and a 3-pt. hitch on back. Both axles are powered via a pto shaft that belt-drives the two hydrostatic transmissions.
    "It looks something like a real 4-WD high horsepower Deere tractor, but I didn't model it after any particular model," says Ruppert. "It's built mostly from Cub Cadet components so some people gave me a hard time when I painted it Deere green and yellow. It's geared down and has a top speed of about 10 mph."
    He used most of one Cub Cadet tractor on front, removing the front axle. The rear end off another Cub is located behind it. To connect the two drive axles together he welded a heavy metal plate between them and then added a swivel ball holder and a bracket to attach the steering cylinder. The tractor has a total of three swivel ball sockets that allow it to pivot on turns.
    A pair of 2 1/2-in. hydraulic cylinders, cut down to a 5-in. stroke, are used to steer the tractor's rear end.
    He removed the Cub Cadet's steering unit and used the center steering with a 2-in. side piece to control a small lift valve. "I mounted the lightweight Kohler engine as far back as possible, but level with the main frame. To make sure the front end wasn't too heavy I removed the Cub Cadet's hood and used light gauge sheet metal to make the hood."
    The 3-pt. hitch is original to one of the Cub Cadets.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Milton Ruppert, 555 S. Spruce St., Nokomis, Ill. 62075 (ph 217 563-7768).

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