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Magic Heat Captures Excess Chimney Heat
There are many chimney inserts on the market and they can be great at getting more heat out of a stove. However, if they pull off too much heat, you can have trouble. Flues can fill with creosote, leading to chimney fires. If temperatures fall to 212 degrees, water will condense and corrode the stove and flue.
Gary Gill, Nelson Products, says the Magic Heat pulls heat but never too much. "It's thermostatically controlled to shut off if the flue temperature drops below 350 to 360 degrees. Basically, Magic Heat is a way to improve the efficiency of your fuel heating system."
The Magic Heat system is designed to install easily in the flues of standard heating systems. The thermostat and fan plug directly into a 110-volt outlet.
"The secret to Magic Heat is the amount of heat exchange surface within the small firebox design," says Gill. "It has a much greater area than anything else on the market, so it gets more heat out."
Exhaust heat and gasses travel up the flue and circulate around the exchanger tubes. The pre-set thermostat turns on the blower fan which has an output of 225 cfm on an 8-in. dia. flue. The Magic Heat is available for 6, 7 and 8-in. flues with prices ranging from $185 to $205.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nelson Products Co., 100 Front St., P.O. Box 390, Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585 (ph 712 283-2562; fax 712 283-2950; info@nelsonproductsco.com; www.nelsonproductsco.com).

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