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Brighter, More Efficient Fluorescent Bulbs
Neither cold, nor moisture, nor heavy dust can stop CBM Electronic Fluorescent Lighting from turning on quickly, glowing brightly and lasting a long time, says Bob Gillis, one of four brothers who owns Gillis Agricultural Systems, Inc., in Willmar, Minnesota, which is a distributor.
  In 2006, the company started selling the bulbs, which have been manufactured in Quebec, Canada, for five years.
  "These lights are smaller in diameter and more efficient," Gillis explains. Older fluorescent bulbs are 1 1/2 in. in diameter compared to these, which are 5/8 in. At the same time, the new bulbs put out a whiter, brighter light.
  "Customers are very happy with the product," Gillis says. "Some have seen increased weight gain in poultry. In dairy operations, milk production is up."
  The tightly sealed design of the ballasts, lights and fixtures allows producers to clean them with a power washer. By keeping moisture out, the lights last longer 20,000 to 30,000 hours of lamp life. Their high frequency, electronic ballasts ensure they instantly turn on in temperatures down to minus 22 F degrees and tolerate temperatures up to 190 F degrees.
  The bulbs use about half the watts and require half the energy of conventional lighting. "They're so efficient that most power companies are offering rebates to anyone who will replace standard lighting with these new energy efficient lights," Gillis says.
  Both small and large livestock producers, as well as shops and factories, have been replacing old lighting systems with the new bulbs. Existing light fixtures may also be retrofitted for the new electronic ballast and bulb combination.
  Prices start at $95 for 4-ft. fixtures with two bulbs. Four-bulb 8-ft. fixtures at $231 are also available, and are often used in dairy freestall barns. Larger 1-in. dia. bulbs are also available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gillis Agricultural Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 250, Willmar, Minnesota 56201 (ph 800 992-8986; sales@gillisag.com; www.gillisag.com).

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