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Collapsible Firewood Pallets
"My wife and I have been splitting wood for many years. Recently we came up with a way to cut down on time and handling," says Harlan Faust of Long Prairie, Minn.
  "We used to just stack split wood on the ground, and then later move the large piles of wood by hand into our shed. Now we stack wood from the splitter directly into homemade collapsible pallets, and use a Bobcat to move the pallets around. The pallets can be easily stacked when empty."
  The pallets measure 6 ft. by 44 in. and 3 ft. high when they're open. They're made with three 4 by 4's at the bottom which the Bobcat's pallet forks slide under. Four 2 by 4's are bolted on edge across the top of the 4 by 4's. Four 3 1/2-ft. 2 by 4's at each end of the 6-ft. wide pallet lay loosely on edge across the 4 by 4's. A 1/2-in. dia. steel pipe runs through the ends of the 2 by 4's on each side of the pallet, allowing the short 2 by 4's to pivot to an upright position to form the sides. When collapsed, each pallet is just 8 in. high.
  "To load firewood, we just fold out the sides. The bottom end of each upright is blocked by the 4 by 4 so the sides stay up while we load up the wood," says Harlan. "Each pallet holds about 1/2 cord of wood.
  "We cut the firewood into 24-in. lengths so there's room to store two rows of wood on each pallet. When the pallet is full it's about 5 ft. high. The collapsed pallets are easy to move in a pile when emptied."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harlan Faust, 27402 Ct. Rd. 12, Long Prairie, Minn. 56347 (ph 320 732-3284).

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