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"Hydrogen Drip" System Generates Better Mileage
A little bit of hydrogen goes a long way for Carl Fountain. His 1994 Buick LeSabre gets more than 100 mpg thanks to his Hydro Fuel Maximizer. The electrolysis unit uses from 15 to 40 amps to break down water to oxygen and hydrogen and slowly releases them into the combustion air intake. Fountain says the gas enhances combustion of petroleum fuel. It doesn't replace it completely.
"We guarantee over-the-road trucks will see a 15 percent increase in mileage, and the ones that are trying the Hydro Fuel Maximizer are getting all of that or more. It's common for the trucks to get a 30 percent improvement, and some are getting 50 percent," says Fountain. "Independent truckers are the ones buying the units. Trucking companies don't figure their drivers will care enough to keep them serviced."
At this point, the units need to be serviced daily or more often, depending on size and time used. "Anybody with mechanical ability can watch the gauges and get good results," he says. "But, we want to get it to where the average consumer doesn't need to know more than where to put the water."
Fountain started working on the hydrogen generator while driving 1,500 miles in three days every week. That was three years ago. He has found that some newer cars see no change, perhaps due to computer-controlled systems, while others like his older Buick can reach 100 mpg.
Since this past spring, Fountain has been selling the units as Advanced Energy Technology. Currently, he is working on a business plan and looking for investors to fund continued research. He's also looking for dealers to sell the current hydrogen generator.
"Proper installation is important," says Fountain. "There are a few things that need to be done just right in setting it up. It is also very important that only distilled water be used and that an electrolyte, such as baking soda, be added to the water."
The current model has already proven its durability. One Hydro Fuel Maximizer has been on the road for about two years. "At one point the customer stopped using it for two to three months and decided he couldn't afford to run without it and started using it again," says Fountain.
The Hydro Fuel canister fits under the hood of a truck or car. It is set up so the hydrogen enters ahead of the air cleaner. Any excess water from overfilling or condensation will drain away before entering the air cleaner. The unit flips on and off with a toggle switch.
Fountain sells a smaller unit that runs about 4 to 6 hours without having to refill with water. It is priced at $850 and is best suited for cars, pickups and even farm tractors. The larger unit sells for $1,500 and can run 10 to 12 hours per day without a refill. These are best suited for over the road trucks, irrigation motors and other long hour systems.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Advanced Energy Technology, P.O. Box 25, Hill City, Kansas 67642 (ph sales 785 871-0063; office 785 421-8136; wesmeyer@hotmail.com; www.hydrofuelmax.com).

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