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Wave Towers Generate Power
"We are in the final stages of a 90-day test off the coast of Galveston, Texas, and it has absolutely met our expectations," says Doug Sandberg of Independent Natual Resources, Inc. (INRI), about the company's "Seadog" pumps that produce electricity from ocean waves. The floating pumps stand 35 ft. tall and weigh 17,200 lbs.
  Seadog is a simple pump with a piston shaft attached to a floating block in a fixed position chamber. As the waves move the block up and down, the piston pumps through a cylinder. Water is drawn in through an intake valve and expelled through an exhaust valve.
  INRI says the pump can also be used to generate hydroelectric power or to pump water to a reservoir for release on demand. The Seadog is also being looked at as a viable way to pump water to a desalination plant and also to power it.
  Sandberg told FARM SHOW tests show they can go out two miles and effectively push water to shore, depending on pipe diameter and the size of the waves. More tests are scheduled this year in California (www.inri.us; ph 877 467 872).

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