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Bean Walker Mounts On Tractor Loader
Coaxing kids of all ages into walking bean fields should be a snap with the new "Bean Walker" attachment from Dixon Mfg., Harlan, Iowa.
Available with 3 or 4 seats, it easily mounts on most makes of tractor loaders. Riders sit down on the job, each taking two rows.
"Because of the severe corn borer problem in some areas this past year, there's a lot of interest in using our new Bean Walker to salvage downed ear corn," a company spokesman told FARM SHOW two weeks ago.
The basic model mounts on most any tractor loader and can be equipped with 4 seats for taking eight 30-in. rows, or three seats for six 40-in. rows. Optional fold-up wings at each end for carrying additional riders are also available.
Previous issues of FARM SHOW have featured various types of selfpropelled machines which carry from one to four riders. The Dixon "Bean Walker" is the first and only one designed for mounting on a tractor loader, according to the manufacturer.
"Virtually every farmer already owns both a tractor and a loader. By using this existing equipment, we provide the same convenience at considerably less cost since you don't have to buy an expensive power unit to propel our unit," a spokesman points out. "What's more, the farmer running the tractor is always right behind the workers where he can see how good a job they're doing."
Cost of the new loader-mounted "Bean Walker" with four seats is $860. The unit folds up for downthe-road transport. Umbrellas and mounting brackets, and seat belts, are optional.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Dixon Mfg., Harlan, Iowa 51537 (ph 712 755-5641).

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