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"Best Buy" Deere Terra Gator
"It's the handiest little machine I've ever used," says Vernon Hoffman about his 2003 Deere 4-WD Terra Gator. Hoffman lives in Arizona but works during the spring and fall for Barton Farms of Silver Lake, Minnesota.
  The Terra Gator is equipped with a 3-cyl. diesel engine and a variable speed transmission.
  "We put about 100 hours per year on this machine and really like it," says Hoffman. "During the spring we mount an 80-gal. tank and a 12-ft. boom on back and use this rig as a sprayer for controlling weeds in low, wet spots in fields. We also use it around our yard to control dandelions.
  "To pick up rocks, we built a slip-in wooden box for it that fits over the tailgate. We can get 1,000 lbs. of rocks in it. We use a hydraulic-operated screw hoist to dump the rocks out.
  "We mounted a pair of plastic flags on both front corners of the machine, which helps us when picking up rocks. Both the driver and passenger can just lean over to pick up rocks and throw them into the box, without having to get out of the machine. The flags make it easier to see the front corners of the machine so we can drive up close to the rocks.
  "We also screwed a wooden running board to each side of the machine, and a big rubber flap, to keep mud from flying up onto us when driving on wet ground.
  "Our Terra Gator is equipped with a 3-cyl. diesel engine and a variable speed transmission.
  "Sometimes we have to drive down the highway to get to fields. The Terra Gator didn't come equipped with mirrors so we borrowed two mirrors from a pickup camper, mounting one on each side of the rig."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vernon Hoffman, 4208 E. Fremont, Phoenix, Arizona 85042 (ph 602 437-5640).

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