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Pack Goats Generate Profits
"I have had a herd of Nubian goats for the past 6 years and recently decided to diversify to try to make a little more money out of them," says Rebecca Lange, Brambles Nubian Goat Farm.
  "I used to sell all my wethers at a local auction barn but now I keep some for use as pack goats. They're great as pack animals because they love human attention and make great pets. Goats cause far less damage to the environment than horses and are easier for people of all ages to handle. They also cost much less to feed and maintain than any other pack animal.
  "Wethers make the best pack animals. Does can be used but don't have the body mass of wethers. Bucks are not recommended. Most important: choose a goat with a quiet, gentle nature rather than ones that are skittish.
  "Training begins when the kids are young, with basic leading and tying. The best pack goats have been bottle and pail fed, because of the human contact. Actual packing begins when the goats are around a year old.
  "There are several types of saddles available to fit goats, made of wood or aluminum and leather. Panniers fit the saddles and come in various sizes. Day packs, which require no saddle, are also available.
  "Goats are wonderful to work with. If you live in an area where hiking or agrotourism is possible, they can be a big attraction to customers."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rebecca Lange, Brambles Nubian Goat Farm, San Clara, Manitoba, Canada (ph 204 937-8349; www.goatpackgetaways.com).

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