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Fuel Line Fix Uses Aerosol Can Of Shaving Cream As A Seal
Bob Aubrey, Batavia, N.Y.: "The fuel line on my neighbor's Geo Metro car leaked near the gas tank. To get at the line I had to first remove the tank. However, all the bolts that secured the tank were rusted tight and I couldn't risk using a torch to remove them.
"To solve the problem I used an aerosol can of shaving cream as a seal, spreading the shaving cream all around the tank and into any grooves on it. Then I used a fine flame from a cutting torch, directing it away from the tank, to heat the bolt heads so that I could remove them. It was a relatively safe way to solve the problem and really worked well. I made certain there were no gas fumes around the tank before using the torch.
"I collect classic cars. To undercoat cars safely without rotting the rubber seals, I use a mixture of 95 percent vegetable oil and 5 percent Marvel Mystery oil in a Windex spray bottle. It really works great because I can squirt the mixture into small places. The Marvel Mystery oil isn't harmful to rubber. It's inexpensive and works better than using used oil to undercoat. It coats the surface and creeps into seams and small, fine areas where parts are bolted in place to keep water out. Also, it isn't messy like the stuff used by undercoating shops. It takes only a half gallon of oil to treat an average car. It isn't flammable so I can spray it any place under the car."

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2007 - Volume #31, Issue #4