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Folding Farmyard Light Pole
John L. Kennedy, Seligma, Ariz., needed a security light on his farm but his local utility company wanted $17 a month to install one. He also knew that once they installed one there would be a charge every time the light needed servicing because he had no means of reaching up that high.
He solved the problem by building a folding light pole. All it cost was $32.99 for the 175-watt mercury vapor light. He salvaged all other materials.
The light pole is 34-ft. tall with a fold at the 24-ft. level so that the top 10 ft. section swings down to the 14 ft. level for easy servicing. The stationary bottom pipe was made from welded-together sections of pipe varying from 4-in. in dia. at the bottom to 1 in. dia. at the top. It's embedded in 4 ft. of concrete with short pieces of reinforcing rod welded to the bottom to prevent it from turning in the concrete base.
There's a winch at the 14-ft. level and a pulley at the 24-ft. level. Two 1/4 by 2-in. brackets act as a hinge for the upper pole. Cable is threaded up from the winch, through the pulley, and to the top of the pole. Kennedy simply cranks the hinged pole down to service the light, standing in the bed of a pickup or on a step ladder.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John L. Kennedy, Box 416, Seligma, Ariz. 86337.

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